Summary of Negotiations Ninja Podcast “Why Does the Word “Negotiation” Come with Baggage?” (9/6/21)

Some points from the podcast:

  • People agree it’s good and valuable
  • People don’t like to do it themselves
  • It makes people feel dirty
  • People prefer to let their work speak for themselves
  • Most people think “doing > selling”, and selling is a bit sleazy
  • Chance of rejection, failure, rescinding the offer, irrational fear, imposter
  • Establish boundaries and give reasons
  • You'll feel better if you ask
  • 80% of negotiation is preparation
  • At some point in your life, you will have to say no, or loved ones will get hurt :(
  • The Power of the Positive No: not No to the offer but Yes to your own interests. And not No to the entire package, but only a few pieces
  • Compliance is only good for farm animals, employers don’t want fully-compliant employees, humans should be collaborative

My takeaway:

People don't like to do things where they're not experienced, where there's a risk of failure, and where they'll be judged by someone with authority (their future boss). If you feel this applies to you, I encourage you to practice negotiating compensation before you enter the real talks. Practice with friends who are hiring managers or in HR, or reach out to us to schedule a consultation!