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    Negotiate your compensation like a pro.

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    We help you negotiate compensation.

    Real benchmark data. Proven negotiation skills. Your competitive edge.

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    We provide spreadsheet comparisons, real and recent benchmark offers, and insider information on how offers are made.

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    We guide you through each stage of the offer negotiation process. Never accept the first offer!

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    Our advisors are on call with unlimited access and
    a 24-hour turnaround response time.

  • Experience, from us to you.

    We are a team of executives and hiring managers with decades of experience in the tech industry. While negotiating numerous job offers on both sides of the table, we learned the standard operating practices of HR, offer committees, and recruiters. Furthermore, we learned that a lot of candidates were leaving a lot of money on the table by not negotiating correctly, or even not negotiating at all! So we started this service to level the playing field. Proper negotiations of your compensation packages may be the most important financial decisions you will ever make.

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